I am really glad to report that thanks to the hard work done by Enrique Estévez, Galician is now enabled by default in BlueGriffon builds. 1.5.2 users can download and use the gl langpack following these steps:

  1. download the langpack and save it onto your hard disk
  2. launch BlueGriffon 1.5.2
  3. open Tools > Add-ons
  4. click on the Languages tab
  5. click on the wheel button and select Install Add-on Fom File
  6. select the langpack you saved above
  7. click the Restart link, let BlueGriffon restart
  8. open Preferences, switch to Advanced tab
  9. check "Use installed locale", select Galician in the list
  10. hit the "Use Language" button
  11. let BlueGriffon restart and enjoy 1.5.2 in Galego!