I am extremely happy to report that thanks to Gabor Kelemen, we now have a Hungarian language pack for BlueGriffon 1.4. First L10N contribution to this project, not a single bug, not a single issue, 100% completion. Wow. Thanks a lot Gabor !

To install the hungarian language pack (or any of BlueGriffon 1.4 language packs):

  1. right-click on this link to download and save the package on your local disk
  2. in BlueGriffon, select Tools > Add-ons to open the Add-ons manager
  3. click on the Languages tab
  4. use the wheel button at the top of the window to "Install from file" the package you downloaded at step 1
  5. click OK after the delay and restart BlueGriffon
  6. open the Preferences panel
  7. switch to the Advanced tab
  8. select "Use installed locale"
  9. select "hu (Hungarian)"
  10. click on the "Use language" button