After two years of hard work, I am immensely happy to report that version 1.0 of my HTML/XHTML editor, BlueGriffon, went live a few minutes ago. The companion Add-ons web site is also available. A press release should be available later in the day through PRWeb.

OS Version
Languages Links
OS X 10.5 and 10.6
Intel 32/64bits Czech
download dmg
Windows XP, 7
download installer
download ZIP
Warning, you may have to install this (thanks Windows...)
if you hit an error launching BlueGriffon
Linux Ubuntu 10.04 32bits download installer (set permissions and run to install)
download tar.bz2
Linux Ubuntu 10.10 64bits download installer (set permissions and run to install)
download tar.bz2
Linux Fedora 10 to 15
(thanks to Remi Collet for contributing)
32 and 64 bits
rpm i386 for Fedora 15
rpm i386 for Fedora 14
rpm i386 for Fedora 13
rpm x86_64 for Fedora 15
rpm x86_64 for Fedora 14
rpm x86_64 for Fedora 13



Warning: it is highly recommended to delete your BlueGriffon profile if you installed and used pre-1.0 versions of the editor. You will have to re-install your add-ons after that.

  • on Mac OS X: delete ~/Library/Application\ Support/BlueGriffon
  • on Windows XP: delete c:\Documents and Settings\yourlogin\Application Data\Disruptive Innovations SARL
  • on Windows 7: delete c:\Users\yourlogin\AppData\Roaming\Disruptive Innovations SARL
  • on Linux: delete ~/.disruptive\ innovations\ sarl

Back in july 2003, when Netscape collapsed, I decided to start my company Disruptive Innovations to write and distribute my/our own software. I never really dreamt of working for others as a contractor. But when Linspire's sponsoring ended and given the cost of employment here, the only survival choice was to look for contracts. It took me a looong time to find an investor to back us but that quest eventually ended positively.

In the near future, the collection of add-ons available will grow. A CSS Pro Editor is on track, and trust me, it will be the best on the market. I am also working on a CSS Optimizer or at least an add-on able to list all the performance or maintainability hits in the stylesheets attached to a document. A Project Manager and a Template Manager are also on the radar, almost done. The Template Manager will allow to create a new document based on online free templates in one single click. No need to search for templates on the interweb if you don't have time for that, we'll do it for you, feeding you a list of freely available sources. And there are even cooler ideas in the works. Stay tuned !

I would like to thank first my investor, AGB Ventures, who believed in the project and supported it heavily. Then all my thoughts go to the contributors:  code or build contributors (Laurent Jouanneau, Jean-Yves Cronier, Alex Bodnaru, Frédéric Bezies and Remi Collet) and L10N contributors (Dean Lee, Goofy, Pascal Cuissinat, Antonio Paniaga, Michal Stanke, André Frick, Simon Speich, Alex Bodnaru, Andrea Sanavia and Koji Ishii). Guys, you rock! Finally, all of that would not exist without Mozilla and its team of gurus extraordinaires, so thanks for being here and allowing people like me to build upon what you do.

If you like BlueGriffon and you want to see it evolve and grow, please support it buying add-ons. That "Freemium" model is the best way to guarantee we'll be able to keep the editor afloat, Open Source and free of charge because we have a revenue stream coming from our add-ons.

And if you want BlueGriffon in your own language that is not in the nine original locales released with BlueGriffon 1.0, why don't you help us? There are cool presents for you if you do!

/* Enjoy! */