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  • now based on FIREFOX_4_0_RELEASE
  • RemoveAllStyles and RemoveAllLinks menu and context menu added
  • delete key was unresponsive when leaving source view; b=129
  • div with a nbsp are removed by markup cleaner; b=133
  • empty named anchor creation horked; b=134
  • Insert Link dialogs not adapted to selection; b=137
  • --BG-- in source view; b=136
  • undoing a style attr txn could leave an empty style attr; b=132
  • type element selector added to css properties panel
  • ReplaceAll horked in wysiwyg view; b=130
  • OS X doc integration including the a new pref panel
  • OS X close button for modified documents
  • create link in context menu; b=127
  • updater was choking on non numeric versions
  • context menu selected the whole element
  • table properties horked for nested tables; b=125
  • don't show invisibles in source view
  • Insert > Table did not always insert a table
  • View > Source View > Theme
  • Preference for Ace themes
  • avoid TypeElement error when switching locale
  • preserve selection between wysiwyg and source view; b=62
  • setting a new class in css properties panel did not work; b=88
  • Use OS locale; b=111
  • switch from Bespin to Ace
  • Changing source view's theme does not require a restart any more
  • better floating panel management
  • Open with... now works
  • L10N for edit menu
  • fixed a serialization error for @import rules
  • make CSS properties panel be cool with none background-image