As promised, it's now time to start localizing BlueGriffon. I've just set up everything we need to include selected locales into BlueGriffon bundles. If you want to translate BlueGriffon into your own language, here are the steps to follow:

  1. get yourself an account at
  2. File a bug titled "XX-XX locale" where XX-XX is the requested locale (for instance pt-BR) in product BlueGriffon, component Localization
  3. Assign the bug to yourself and Cc me (daniel AT glazman ORG)
  4. get a copy of the BlueGriffon L10N repository
    svn checkout bluegriffon-locales
  5. then type the following commands:
    cd bluegriffon-locales
    cp -R en-US XX-XX
    for i in en-US/*.mn; do sed -e "s/en-US/XX-XX/g" $i > XX-XX/`basename $i`; done
    cd XX-XX
    find . -name \*.svn -exec rm -fr {} \;
  6. translate all the strings in all *.dtd and *.properties files in your XX-XX directory; MANDATORY: please use UTF-8 encoding for the files !
  7. add your new directory to svn: svn add XX-XX
  8. do NOT add your new locale to, I'll do that myself if your locale is stable enough to be enabled by default.
  9. make a patch, for instance typing svn diff XX-XX > /tmp/XX-XX.patch
  10. attach that patch to the bug and ask me to review it (daniel AT glazman ORG) in the bug
  11. you'll get write access to the repository after a positive review.
  12. please subscribe to , changes in L10N will be announced there starting today