WebFonts are a major feature of CSS and that feature is spreading around the world at fast pace. Many large web sites now use their own typeface through @font-face rules. Google has announced a while ago the Google Font Directory and the Google Font API (work done with the TypeKit folks). I found it cool and mature enough to add it to BlueGriffon.

See the result in this short video.

And because this is cool, because it's a major feature of the Web, because that's my choice, the corresponding add-on (it's only a first preview, I'll improve it over time) is free to all BlueGriffon users. Get it here (save the gfd.xpi file onto your hard disk, launch BlueGriffon, open the extensions manager, click on the button at top-right and install from file) and enjoy.

Important note: the add-on relies on the Insert > "Web Fonts"  menu entry that will show up in forthcoming version 0.8 of BlueGriffon ; it will be in tomorrow's daily builds. It's not available in 0.7 and 0.7.1.