I am delighted and proud to let you know that BlueGriffon was today the top winner of the Open World Forum Innovation Awards! Many people came to me only to say they found the software impressive and superb and/or its business model valid. After months and months of (extremely) hard work, with an impressive and fully automated support of CSS 3, YUI grids and <video> in a wysiwyg editor that is probably unmatched on the market for the time being, I must say this award sounds like an important milestone to me.

BlueGriffon reusing four different open-source codes, let me thank here:

  1. Mozilla and all the contributors to Gecko, because BlueGriffon would not be here without!
  2. the SkyWriter (formerly known as Bespin) team: guys, you just rock...
  3. the authors of the SVG Edit add-on, that not only let me adapt SVG Edit to BlueGriffon but also accepted some code contribution to make my life easier
  4. Jean-Yves Cronier, who contributed markup and code for the bezier curve editor used for the transition-timing-function property

This award is also yours. Sincerely.

On a side note, BlueGriffon is also one of the two Mozilla-based featured applications of the month.