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02May 2016

BlueGriffon officially recommended by the French Government

en-US TL;DR: BlueGriffon is now officially recommended as the html editor for the French Administration in its effort to rely on and promote Free Software!

Je suis très heureux de signaler que BlueGriffon, mon éditeur Web cross-platform et Wysiwyg, est officiellement recommandé par le Socle Interministériel de Logiciels Libres pour 2016 !!! Vous trouverez la liste officielle des logiciels recommandés ici (document pdf).

14Oct 2015

BlueGriffon 1.8 released

It took a long time but v1.8 is out. What's new:
  • russian locale update
  • lot of bug fixes in the CSS panel
  • new Insert Markdown dialog
  • UI for CSS Writing Modes added
  • UI fixes on windows
  • major fixes on the colorpicker
  • Retina on OSX
  • command handler bug on OSX, the -url flag did not work
  • added a color blender, adapted from Eric Meyer's (with permission), to the color picker

20Apr 2015

BlueGriffon progress 20150420

  • russian locale update
  • lot of bug fixes in the CSS panel
  • new Insert Markdown dialog

    new Insert Markdown dialog

  • UI fixes on windows
  • major fixes on the colorpicker

07Apr 2015

CSS Properties panel's revamp

I'm currently revamping the CSS Properties panel of BlueGriffon: in the current version, each property requires some XUL (sometimes a lot of XUL), code to update that XUL when the selection changes in the editor, and code to update the CSS OM when the property's value is changed by the user.

But all of that could be, in most cases, automated nicely since we could deal directly with the CSS grammar for the property. I started writing some code about it last week and it mostly works. Modifying an existing property or adding a new property to the CSS Properties panel will become far easier than what it is today. Properties accepting multiple values will need extra work but in the long run, I think 90% or more of the CSS Properties panel will be based on the new XBL bindings, drastically simplifying maintenance.

You can see below an example of the XUL code and the resulting UI (this is real, not a mockup):

code in cssproperties.xul

result in CSS Properties panel

26Mar 2015

BlueGriffon progress 20150326

  • uplift almost done, now working on packaging
  • Ui for CSS Writing Modes added

26Mar 2015

Writing modes in BlueGriffon

Thanks to the uplift, BlueGriffon is already able to render vertical text and I'm about to add the UI for that! Yay!

Vertical japanese text

26Mar 2015

Updating BlueGriffon against mozilla-central's trunk

I am in the process of updating BlueGriffon against mozilla-central's trunk. This is a huge effort, but you can already build a branch from github. Please note, this is a work in progress, and I am working primarily on MacOS X so this remains untested on Windows and Linux for the time being. You'll find build instructions in the github readme.

23Mar 2015

BlueGriffon progress 20150323

  • Retina on OSX
  • command handler bug on OSX, the -url flag did not work
  • added a color blender, adapted from Eric Meyer's (with permission), to the color picker
    Color Blender
  • Yosemite build

24Sep 2013

META Seal of Recognition

META Seal of RecognitionI am extremely happy and proud to let you know BlueGriffon received last thursday in Berlin, Germany, the « META Seal of Recognition » Award from the Multilingual Europe Technology Alliance for being the very first editor to implement the three main data categories of the W3C Internationalization Tag Set 2.0 (ITS 2.0) :-)

That implementation was done under a contract from DFKI and funding from the European Commission (project LT-Web), 7th Framework Programme (FP7), grant agreement n° 287815. The code is Open Source and will be available with forthcoming version 1.8 of BlueGriffon.

Here is the press release about it:

At the fourth annual META-FORUM conference in Berlin on September 19/20, it was announced that Disruptive Innovations was awarded the META Seal of Recognition for BlueGriffon. The META Seal of Recognition recognises excellence in software, products, and services which actively contribute to the European Multilingual Information Society. The META Technology Council, a panel of 30 experts drawn from the European Language Technology landscape, recognises the contribution BlueGriffon makes to the European Multilingual Information Society.

META, the Multilingual Europe Technology Alliance brings together researchers, commercial technology providers, private and corporate language technology users, language professionals and other information society stakeholders. META is preparing the necessary ambitious joint effort towards furthering language technologies as a means towards realising the vision of a Europe united as one single digital market and information space.

The META Seal of Recognition is awarded annually to select products and services which actively contribute to the initiative’s goals. This year is the third time the META Seal of Recognition has been awarded at a special ceremony as part of META-FORUM 2013 held in Berlin, Germany.

For more information see

29Jul 2013

BlueGriffon progress 20130729

  • entries in the Edit menu were not working in Source view; b=562
  • indent and outdent button not showing up on win/lin; b=585
  • joining/splitting cells is horked, regression in editor core; b=569, bmo=898321
  • table properties dialog horked; b=588
  • langpacks' cleanup
  • Internationalization Tag Set 2.0: data categories Translate, Localization Note and Terminology; b=578
  • bustage fixed in stylesheets panel
  • Allow stylesheets panel to set styleset; b=587
  • stylesheets panel should allow to disable a stylesheet; b=586
  • print source view; b=582

30Jun 2013

BlueGriffon and '@media print' stylesheets

I am extremely glad to report that BlueGriffon became two days ago the very first Wysiwyg web editor able to edit a document in « Print » mode, i.e. as if the medium was print and not screen. It means the print stylesheets are applied and the screen ones are not. You can then finely tune your document for print using the Style Properties panel that will output @media print rules when necessary, an unprecedented feature in the world of Wysiwyg web editors :-)

17Jun 2013

BlueGriffon 1.7.1

I have released BlueGriffon 1.7.1 to fix some command line issues. I am not exactly sure why, but some users seem to have problems switching to that version, the 1.7.1 locales not overriding correctly the 1.7 locales. In that case, please delete your profile and relaunch. You may have to reinstall your add-ons.

17May 2013

BlueGriffon EPUB Edition 1.7

I just released BlueGriffon EPUB v1.7 for all platforms. Purchasers of older versions can safely download and install it over their existing install, it will not reset profile or license credentials.

Note to Windows users: you may have to install the MSVC10 Redistributable Package since we moved to VC10. See the download page.

14May 2013

BlueGriffon 1.7

I just released BlueGriffon 1.7 for Windows (XP, 7, 8), OS X (10.6 to 10.8) and Ubuntu (12.04 and 13.04, 32 and 64 bits). You can find it here.

25Apr 2013

Responsive Design editing in BlueGriffon

Fixing a bug in cssproperties.js yesterday, I suddenly had an idea. Six hours of work later, I have a screencast to show you :-)

29Mar 2013

BlueGriffon, BlueGriffon EPUB Edition and DOCX documents

So I started a while ago looking at the OpenOfficeXML specification (5000+ pages...) and, given the very low quality of the HTML export of Microsoft Word, decided to write some code to convert OOXML documents into clean HTML+CSS documents. It's far from ready but the basic architecture for my converter is now done and it already works for trivial documents. When it's ready (this is not for tomorrow, it's going to take some time...), the code will be integrated into BlueGriffon EPUB Edition and sold as an add-on to BlueGriffon.

Here is a little video I just made, you can also watch it on YouTube directly.

26Mar 2013

Mailchimp Email Templates

In january 2011, Mailchimp released under a CC license 37 html-based email templates that became hugely popular among newsletter authors. I am glad to report these 37 templates are now available through our One-Click Templates add-on to BlueGriffon. If you already purchased our add-on, you don't have to upgrade; just launch BlueGriffon and open the One-Click Templates Manager to see the new MailChimp Email Blueprints section with its 37 templates. /* Enjoy! */

18Feb 2013

One-Click Templates add-on

Thanks to Jean-Pierre Reyt's heads up (and patience), I have identified a well hidden bug in the One-Click Templates add-on. It's related to the permissions of the temporary directory in which the add-on downloads and unzips a template. Weirdly, that bug did not happen in the past. I am currently working on a fix, stay tuned.

Update:fixed, email sent to all purchasers, updated

29Jan 2013

BlueGriffon EPUB Edition 1.6.1

We just released an update to our ebook editor, BlueGriffon EPUB Edition 1.6.1. Just install the new version over the previous one. If you have already purchased an earlier version of the app, your license credentials still apply and no change is needed. You should also have received by email an update to the User's Manual.

BlueGriffon is the only Wysiwyg cross-platform editor fully conformant to both EPUB2 and EPUB3.

Changelog from version 1.5.4:

22Jan 2013

BlueGriffon 1.6 released

We just released BlueGriffon 1.6. The most important changes in the changelog below are the ones in bold:

  • fixed too many LFs in stylesheet serialization
  • fixed error in commandline handler
  • CSS Properties panel was horked by switch to dockable panels
  • page setup and print menus: b=500
  • remove floating panel; b=498
  • better inline editing (core patch)
  • fixes in Find/Replace in source view
  • font and color assignments in floating toolbar don't use css; b=482
  • TOC update horked; b=440
  • Save in source view should update iframe's oldSource; b=479
  • dockable panels; b=478
  • new pref for default file extensions on save; b=309
  • TypeInState not shown in UI; b=471
  • save from source view horked; b=473
  • blockquote button; b=472
  • xhtml 1.1; b=404
  • aria role dropdown always looking for block; b=430
  • only UTF-8 in xhtml5; b=430
  • updates on a daily basis don't work; b=436
  • add skip-this-version to updates; b=415
  • edit a page directly from a link; b=457
  • get rid of align attribute; b=464
  • revert shuffles tab order; b=466
  • bad serialization for embedded stylesheets; b=467
  • selected line in dark source themes unreadable; b=445
  • Add an 'Open File' menu; b=470
  • Better table row and column resizers; b=469
  • switch to final CSS gradient syntax; b=463
  • languages dialog horked on cancel; b=439
  • add toggle view command; b=426, patch by Yu Tang
  • IDs appear twice in link insertion dialog; b=422

/* Enjoy! */

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