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June 2012

28Jun 2012


Hi BlueGriffon Team,

I would like to inform you that your company is chosen as to receive the “Best Web Tool 2012” award. We applaud your great products/services that truly make websites better.

Stay tuned for more information soon:-)

27Jun 2012

Autocompletion in BlueGriffon's source view

I just landed a patch adding autocompletion for HTML tags, HTML attributes, values of HTML attributes, CSS properties and CSS values to BlueGriffon's source view. No JavaScript yet, stay tuned.

26Jun 2012

Free BlueGriffon add-on : Opquast Accessibility First Step

OpquastI have a free add-on for you BlueGriffon users : it's an automated accessibility checklist built by the wonderful Opquast people. I took their checklist, wrote the corresponding JS-based tests and turned the whole thing into an add-on. The add-on adds a new menu entry to the Tools menu. It works for the last focused document and it works for both Wysiswyg and Source views. Localized in english and french.

The add-on is available here. Please save it onto your hard disk and follow the installation instructions starting at step 3.

Screenshot of the add-on

20Jun 2012

BlueGriffon EPUB Edition beta1

BlueGriffon EPUB Edition logoI have in front of me right now the beta 1 of BlueGriffon EPUB Edition. That beta is EPUB2-only, no EPUB3 yet. I am going to give that beta1 for tests purposes (blogging allowed, no embargo, redistribution of course forbidden) to a number of selected people in the coming days. Please don't ping me if you don't get an invite, the list of testers is already frozen.

  • cross-platform Windows, OS X and Linux
  • powered of course by Mozilla
  • no proprietary pivot format at all
  • creates *.epub, opens *.epub, edits *.pub, saves *.epub; of course including if the ebook was not created by BlueGriffon
  • Web standards compliant
  • based on BlueGriffon
  • allows UI-based editing of all metadata
  • allows UI-based editing of guide, spine and ncx

Let me clarify one detail in case you missed it: this product will not be Open Source and will be fully commercial. The changes to the files already present in the Web editor BlueGriffon (not the EPUB one) will of course be published to fully respect the MPL but will be quite useless since almost all the magic happens in new files.

You can already see a few recent screenshots at (that's a carousel).

Stay tuned !

Update: I also posted a screenshot of BlueGriffon EPUB Edition editing a japanese version of the Qu'ran released as an EPUB2 ebook.

08Jun 2012

BlueGriffon 1.5.2 in Galician

I am really glad to report that thanks to the hard work done by Enrique Estévez, Galician is now enabled by default in BlueGriffon builds. 1.5.2 users can download and use the gl langpack following these steps:

  1. download the langpack and save it onto your hard disk
  2. launch BlueGriffon 1.5.2
  3. open Tools > Add-ons
  4. click on the Languages tab
  5. click on the wheel button and select Install Add-on Fom File
  6. select the langpack you saved above
  7. click the Restart link, let BlueGriffon restart
  8. open Preferences, switch to Advanced tab
  9. check "Use installed locale", select Galician in the list
  10. hit the "Use Language" button
  11. let BlueGriffon restart and enjoy 1.5.2 in Galego!