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April 2012

27Apr 2012

BlueGriffon 1.5

BlueGriffon 1.5 went live a few hours ago. If you purchased BlueGriffon's User's Manual, watch your inbox, a download link for the revised version is waiting for you there. Purchasers of our CSS Pro Editor, our Silver Offer and our Platinum subscribers also received a download link to the new version of the CSS Pro Editor.

13Apr 2012

BlueGriffon 1.5 ETA

If everything goes well, BlueGriffon 1.5 will be released friday 27 april. There are still localization holes, in particular for the following locales:

  • he (Hebrew): severe lag
  • fi (Finnish): only last changes missing
  • it (Italian): only last changes missing
  • hu (Hungarian): DONE 20120417
  • ja (Japanese): severe lag
  • ko (Korean): severe lag
  • nl (Dutch): severe lag
  • pl (Polish): DONE 20120413
  • sl (Slovenian): light lag

If you can help us here in order to have these locales completed for the 24th of april, you're highly welcome. Please see our localization manual and then the list of recent L10N changes. Warning, that list contains only the recent changes. Locales severely lagging require more changes than what's contained in this list. Thanks!

03Apr 2012

New preview builds of BlueGriffon 1.5

The title says it all. They're tagged here.