The next-generation Web Editor
based on the rendering engine of Firefox

February 2011

15Feb 2011

Selector Builder

Currently working on the Stylesheet editor (far more powerful than the current CSS Properties panel), I have resurrected my old CSS Selector Builder from 2005 and turned it into an add-on for Firefox. Works with both Firefox 3.x and 4.x. You can download it from here (save the file to your disk and from Firefox use the File > Open menu). It adds a new menu entry to the Tools menu.

A more modern, nicer and better version of it will be included into the Stylesheet editor...

11Feb 2011

BlueGriffon 0.9 "Cape Town"

OS Version
Languages Links
OS X 10.5 32bits English
Simplified Chinese
Portuguese (Portugal)
download dmg
OS X 10.6 64bits download dmg
Windows XP, 7
download installer
download ZIP
Linux Ubuntu 10.04 32bits download installer
download tar.bz2
download deb
Linux Ubuntu 10.10 64bits download installer
download tar.bz2

  • sections of the CSS Properties panel can now be toggled through a click on the title too
  • fixed a crasher in the DOM Explorer panel
  • panels' alignment button added to panels' titlebar on Mac OS X and Windows (sorry Linux users, floating panels don't work well on Linux...)
  • inserting a named anchor was deleting the selection
  • persistent menubar on Mac OS X when the last main window is closed ; dock menu adapted
  • changing UI's language does not exit without prompt any more if a document is modified
  • link insertion dialog used to always report file://... links are relative
  • L10N fixes
  • pt-PT locale
  • more work on the command line handler
  • much better panels' alignment algo
  • word-wrap CSS property was horked in the CSS Properties panel
  • context menu's appearance was horked on windows classic theme
  • goto link in context menu
  • reflect DOM Explorer's selected element into wysiwyg vie
  • don't allow Undo in source view to remove initial source
  • default 300x600 size for dom explorer and css properties panels
  • rulers were adding to the style attribute instead of using a txn
  • fix for the editor factory error in Bespin
  • editable DOM Explorer
  • context menu in DOM Explorer
  • build architecture for L10N
  • zh-CN locale
  • html5 element insertion menu
  • support for img's longdesc attribute
  • make Textarea Insertion and Button Insertion dialogs play nicely with selection
  • accelerators for bold/italic/underline/code
  • unescape filenames in SaveAs dialog
  • copying links was not copying href !
  • don't open table properties dialog when selection is not collapsed on double-click
  • 'rem' and 'ch' units in CSS Properties panel
  • hide structurebar in sourceview
  • Copy HTML markup for the selection or a selected element in structurebar
  • tabs position was not working on win/lin
  • findbar in both wysiwyg and source views
  • better theme for wysiwyg/source buttons on win and lin
  • spell checking (support for dictionnaries, etc.) in context menu
  • editor was horked if parser error in XHTML source view
  • about:config in prefs and buildconfig in about
  • parsing gradients chokes when vert position appears before horiz position
  • Page Properties dialog
  • allow user to position tabs in tabeditor through a new pref
  • reflect natural ratio changes for images in css properties panel
  • Repeating gradients, webkit- and gecko-style
  • Help menu
  • Table options in main contextual menu

07Feb 2011

pt-PT locale

I am glad to report that thanks to a contribution from mrfyda, portuguese locale is now enabled by default in daily builds of BlueGriffon !