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based on the rendering engine of Firefox

December 2010

30Dec 2010

Spellchecker and dictionaries

BlueGriffon 0.9 will have realtime spellchecking and multi-dictionaries, thanks to InlineSpellChecker.jsm... The code is already checked in, svn revision 462. For those who build BlueGriffon themselves and wish to try the fr-FR dictionary, you can find it here. Install it as an extension/add-on.

Note for those who need another dictionary: grab a dictionary from Unzip the xpi and edit the install.rdf file to add the following section:

<!-- BlueGriffon -->

Rezip the whole thing and install it through BlueGriffon's Extensions manager. The spellchecker is in the contextual menu of the editor. You can toggle it on/off through the Preferences panel.

30Dec 2010

BlueGriffon 0.8 "Sureleh"

Changelog from 0.7:

  • form inputs were horked
  • output non-gecko prefixed CSS properties
  • added "span" to format menu
  • support for ROLE attribute
  • added role attribute to structurebar and preferences
  • L10N switcher in preferences
  • never exit w/o prompting the user if at least one document is modified
  • build config improvements
  • better reflect DOM Explorer changes in structurebar
  • Insert > WebFonts menu
  • universal builds 32/64bits for Mac OS X
  • support for Google Fonts webfonts
  • support for FontSquirrel webfonts
  • fixed crash in JSCSSP if the stylesheet to parse is empty
  • fr-FR localization
  • CSS properties panel was choking on relative URLs for background images
  • now relying on Google-less favicons because Google S2 not reliable any more
  • fixed a bug in JSCCSP horking CSS gradients
  • allow relative URLs for background images in the CSS Properties Panel
  • show better if a document is modified on windows and linux, mac was ok
  • "Remove Tag" contextual menu entry in structurebar was horked
  • added IDs dropdown menu to main window
  • fixed class dropdown menu in main window
  • cssHelper module was horking Table Layout add-on
  • better CSS serialization
  • removed dependencies from the basic editor to the project manager
  • added network/proxy settings to preferences
  • creating a form element was not placing the caret into the newly created form
  • added CSS-based AllTags mode
  • fixed a bug in fireFtp that was choking on remote server's features detection; patch submitted to Mime ńĆuvalo
  • reorg'd a bit portions of the menubar
  • added serialization of non-gecko prefixed CSS values (e.g. display: -moz-box) so flex box is enabled for WebKit-based browsers
  • fixed a rotator issue in CSS gradients
  • Save and SaveAs commands now disabled while in source view
  • CSS Properties panel now disabled while in source view
  • serialization of WebKit-based CSS linear gradients (conditions: angle is a multiple of 90deg, color stops' position in %)
  • serialization of WebKit-based CSS radial gradients (conditions: shape is circle, size is farthest-corner or cover, first and last color stops' position in pixels, other color stops' position in pixels or left undefined)
  • copy and paste that never worked in XHTML in Nvu or KompoZer now work fine in BlueGriffon !

29Dec 2010

CSS linear and radial gradients, WebKit style...

V0.8 is almost here, I have a first release candidate in hands. In the meantime, here are two short videos showing that BlueGriffon is now able to output linear and radial gradients, WebKit style... See the bottom of the changelog for the restrictions.

16Dec 2010

New builds

You'll find new builds here. We're approaching 0.8.


  • network/proxy settings in preferences
  • Format menu
  • ID dropdown
  • relative URLs in background-image (CSS properties panel)
  • View > All Tags mode
  • bug fixes
  • dialog changes needed for the fortcoming Project Manager

10Dec 2010

FontSquirrel fonts in BlueGriffon

This little video on YouTube will show you how easy it is now to use a FontSquirrel font inside BlueGriffon w/o having any knowledge of CSS and WebFonts :-)

09Dec 2010

Active View and Table Layout add-ons

Previews of the Active View (editable tree view of the document in full sync with the wysiwyg view) and Table Layout (allows to very simply and visually define the layout of a table - rows, columns, colors, borders, fonts, ... - using only an ID on the table and CSS rules) were just made available to the subscribers to the BlueGriffon Platinum Offer.

09Dec 2010

BlueGriffon Platinum Offer

BlueGriffon Platinum Offer subscribers, watch your Inbox ! We just sent you a message to subscribe to a dedicated announcement mailing-list and you'll receive a first free add-on preview in the next 48 hours !

08Dec 2010

Progress 20101208

  • NEW: id dropdown added
  • NEW: the background-image section in the CSS Properties panel was not accepting relative URLs
  • FIXED: class dropdown works again, now editable
  • FIXED: documents modified were not visible enough on win/lin
  • FIXED: linear and radial gradients were horked
  • FIXED: the Remove Tag menu entry in the structure bar was broken
  • FIXED: charset issues in the fr-FR localization
  • IN PROGRESS: started working on the flexbox wizard

04Dec 2010

Flex Box wizard

How do I make n elements exactly the same height ? How do I make sure three given elements are aligned centered ? How can I make my web page be exactly contained in the viewport of my browser whatever its size ? How can I make in ten seconds a 750px layout with header, footer, two equal main columns and two lateral sidebars 80px wide ? All questions the CSS Flex Box Module offers a superb solution for.

Flex Box is a game changer. It's going to drastically change the way you design Web pages. It will be simpler, much simpler. It will be so simpler to edit and to maintain that your only wish will be the fast and final extinction of all pre-flexbox browsers...

It will be so simple that I just started a FlexBox wizard. The kind of wizard that will let you design the layout of this example visually in ten seconds. Stay tuned!

03Dec 2010

FontSquirrel and Google fonts

The first daily builds with UI for FontSquirrel fonts and Google Font Directory fonts are now online. See the Insert > WebFonts menu.


  • CSS properties panel was freezing the app trying to append data to a locally linked stylesheet that is not writable
  • UI for the Google Fonts Directory
  • UI for FontSquirrel fonts
  • CSS properties panel was sometimes behaving badly in case of an empty stylesheet

Know issues:

  • the document must be saved before linking it to FontSquirrel fonts ; that's needed to be able to use relative URLs. At this time, if you create a new document and save it, you need to close the document and reopen it to be able to link to FontSquirrel fonts and see immediately the result. If you don't close and reopen, the document will still be ok if you use the fonts but they won't render until you close and reopen. Working on it...

Nota bene: many thanks to Ethan Dunham for his super simple FontSquirrel API !

01Dec 2010

BlueGriffon and the Google Font Directory

WebFonts are a major feature of CSS and that feature is spreading around the world at fast pace. Many large web sites now use their own typeface through @font-face rules. Google has announced a while ago the Google Font Directory and the Google Font API (work done with the TypeKit folks). I found it cool and mature enough to add it to BlueGriffon.

See the result in this short video.

And because this is cool, because it's a major feature of the Web, because that's my choice, the corresponding add-on (it's only a first preview, I'll improve it over time) is free to all BlueGriffon users. Get it here (save the gfd.xpi file onto your hard disk, launch BlueGriffon, open the extensions manager, click on the button at top-right and install from file) and enjoy.

Important note: the add-on relies on the Insert > "Web Fonts"  menu entry that will show up in forthcoming version 0.8 of BlueGriffon ; it will be in tomorrow's daily builds. It's not available in 0.7 and 0.7.1.