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based on the rendering engine of Firefox

September 2010

28Sep 2010

Video tag

BlueGriffon now has a dialog for the html5 <video> tag...

video tag dialog

27Sep 2010

Mac OS X Snow Leopard 64bits daily builds

The daily builds for Mac OS X available at are now Snow Leopard 64bits builds.

27Sep 2010

Bezier editor for CSS 3 'transition-timing-function'

I have added a Bezier curve editor to BlueGriffon for the CSS 3 transition-timing-function property. This is adapted from markup and code kindly contributed by Jean-Yves Cronier. Thanks Jean-Yves !

Bezier curve editor

25Sep 2010

Progress 20100925

  • popups were badly shown on win/lin
  • toolbar customization was horked on win/lin
  • CSS icon was not visible in main toolbar on win/lin
  • the caret was not placed at the beginning of document after a document was created/loaded
  • Table Properties dialog can now be opened from main toolbar if selection is inside a table
  • first 50% of Table Properties dialog done
  • link insertion dialog done
  • autocomplete was horked in Open Location dialog
  • CSS Properties panel: done! Whooohooo !!!

23Sep 2010

Progress 20100923 #2

  • text-shadow and box-shadow implemented

23Sep 2010

Progress 20100923

  • BlueGriffon now has a builtin SVG Editor, thanks to the superb SVG Edit add-on. I would also like to thank the authors of SVG Edit who accepted a small patch of mine making life of embedders easier, sending back a custom event to the opener when the svgEditor is ready.
  • structurebar updated to cope with svg content; svg content outlined on hover in editing area
  • 80% of CSS 2 properties have UI
  • CSS3 Flex Box, Gradients, 2D Transforms and Transitions all have simple and intuitive UI. BlueGriffon is probably the only free (x)html/css wysiwyg editor on the market implementing those specs. And of course, BlueGriffon is cross-platform.
  • I'll work on CSS3 text and box shadows later today
  • once this is done, I'll work on a few missing dialogs and menus and we'll reach Milestone 1


  • the New Document Wizard currently uses Yahoo Grid. I am seriously thinking of dropping that in favor of the CSS3 Flex Box model that makes grid editing so much simpler and more maintainable. It's also implemented in Gecko2, IE9 and WebKit; dunno about Opera. Doing so will of course leave legacy browsers off the road but on another hand it will allow switching the grid model of a given document at any time, something very difficult to achieve with the current grids system. A big plus for a little minus IMHO.
  • if you want to help the BlueGriffon project, here's one thing I currently need: I need some code taking as unique argument a string (where s* is a set of whitespaces, tabs, ...) of the form "cubic-bezier(s*<number>s*,s*<number>*,s*<number>s*,s* <number>s*)", opening a XUL window allowing to visualize the bezier curve and manipulate the points, and returning the new modified cubic-bezier string when the dialog is closed. XUL and SVG preferred, XUL and canvas is ok. Let me know! See the CSS 3 Transitions draft for more details. Done !!!
  • I will add UI for WebFonts and authors won't have to discover free WebFonts by themselves ; will provide a list and you'll be able to submit new free web fonts to that list from BlueGriffon itself.

21Sep 2010

SVG Edit

I spent the last four hours adding SVG Edit to BlueGriffon. Works like a charm and I can now create and edit SVG images directly inside BlueGriffon :-) Code still needs the infamous script-based force-svg hack for HTML documents but other than that, it's done. BlueGriffon will have a builtin SVG editor based on open source code (Apache License)! Yay!

20Sep 2010

Progress 20100920

  • added to the CSS properties panel: font-variant, letter-spacing, word-spacing, word-wrap, CSS3 flex box model, list-style-*, CSS3 transformations done
  • fixed an error in the linear gradient rotator

16Sep 2010

Progress 20100916

16Sep 2010

Selection of images currently horked

Selection of images in all instances of the editor in Gecko (contenteditable, designMode, BlueGriffon, online blogs, Thunderbird, ...) is currently horked because of bug 596889. This is not a bug in BlueGriffon itself.

15Sep 2010

Progress 20100915

14Sep 2010

Progress 20100914

  • radial gradients now implemented
  • background-(repeat|attachment|size|origin|clip|position) implemented
  • bug fixed in margins/paddings when one edge's properties applies to all four
  • bug fixed in XHTML 1/5 serialization
  • CSS 2 borders implemented (color, style, width)
  • minor theme corrections on win and lin
  • better UX when toggling on/off css properties' sections

windows build (built on Windows7 32bits)

mac os x build bluegriffon-latest.dmg (built on Snow Leopard, may crash on Leopard)

10Sep 2010

Windows and Mac OS X (Snow Leopard) builds

Windows and Mac OS X (Snow Leopard) daily builds of BlueGriffon are now available monday-friday at 1pm french local time here. Build and push to the web site are automated so it will never be guaranteed that builds are fully functional or even don't crash during startup! The two builds currently available will allow you to test the CSS Properties floating panel (Panels menu) even if that panel is not finished or ironed yet. Enjoy !

08Sep 2010

CSS 3 Linear Gradients Teaser...

Just a short video showing how easy it's now to create a linear gradient background in BlueGriffon...

07Sep 2010

Editing a linear gradient

A single screenshot is often better than a lot of words...

Editing a linear gradient

05Sep 2010

Open World Forum Demo Cup

I have the pleasure to announce that BlueGriffon was selected as a finalist for the Open World Forum Demo Cup (fr-FR) !

03Sep 2010

Progress 20100903

  • almost done with CSS 3 Backgrounds ! Linear gradients, radial gradients, multiple backgrounds ! Yay !
  • windows and linux builds currently horked, some stylesheets for these platforms are missing. I need to finalize backgrounds first.
  • the Image Insertion dialog will be drastically simplified in the next days/weeks

01Sep 2010

CSS 3 Backgrounds in BlueGriffon

Not ironed yet but the full powah of CSS 3 Backgrounds and CSS 3 Images is available. Linear and radial gradients, multiple backgrounds, sizing, etc. :-)

Backgrounds in BlueGriffon's Styles Panel