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January 2009

19Jan 2009

Templates Manager #5

I'm almost done with the templates manager. It now correctly saves locally (or pushes to the remote server) the unzipped version of a template package. I have one bug to fix in the main window and a progressmeter to add for remote storage. And done. Woof. The result is really beautiful, and impressively simple to use. I sincerely hope a lot of template repositories are going to jump on that.

15Jan 2009

Templates Manager #4

Starts looking ok...

Templates Manager List of templates Information License Template installed

15Jan 2009

Builds for windows and linux

You will find latest binaries of BlueGriffon (nightlies) for windows and linux here:

I built the linux version on Ubuntu 8.04. I hope it works on other distro.

In the future, we will try to provide binaries for all plateforms at the same time.

Remember that this builds are for test only. We are still far from having a full featured BlueGriffon.

12Jan 2009

Fresh Meat 20090112

A Mac OS X build today. The templates manager and the table layout manager are not in as they are extensions to the "basic" editor and I'm still working on the former.

09Jan 2009

Templates Manager #3

Templates Manager Select a repository Template info box

08Jan 2009

Templates Manager #2

I'm making fast progress on the Templates Manager. See by yourself....

Templates Manager

05Jan 2009

Templates Manager

05Jan 2009

Happy New Year

The BlueGriffon Team wishes you a very happy new year 2009!

Speaking of wishes, BlueGriffon will not only be able to apply themes to a page, but also get themes from online repositories. We're working on a themes' manifest all web sites distributing themes could serve. Giving the URL of that file to BlueGriffon would be the only thing needed to use a theme coming from that web site inside BlueGriffon. Stay tuned.